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* Planning and Documents Procurement:
Living Wills, Advanced Health and Care Directives, End of Life Planning, Funerals, Burials.
* Advanced Best Three Months of Life Care Planning (Specialty Service – SEE Below)
* Before, During, & After Life Care
* Onsite In-home, Hospital, Nursing Home Visits
* Therapeutic Massage and Comfort Touch
* Reiki Energy Therapy
* Gentle Movement/Yoga
* Guided Relaxation & Meditation/Breathwork Practices
* Herbal teas, oils, and tinctures and plant medicine for comfort and relaxation
* Creating and Holding Beautiful Space
* Sacred Vigil and Ritual


3 Month Vision Plan

Specialty: This highly recommended plan is developed with the client and/or their loved ones, at any time prior to the last 3 months in order to create their vision for the best of life care. It covers in detail the following 5 domains or areas of one’s life that must be addressed for the best possible transition. Starting with creating your vision for each domain we then look at your current situation and plan the steps to be taken to reach those goals.

Doylestown Death Doula. End of Life Planning, Comfort Care.

Once the Best 3 Months Vision Plan is completed and shared with family and care givers there comes a certain peace of mind for all concerned. This allows space for the intimacy of precious moments and memories.

  • Physical Body
    Increase comfort, healing environment & safety. How would you like to be cared for during end of life? What physical environment would you like to create? Comfort Care? Gentle Touch, Sitting Vigil for final hours, Aromatherapy, Peaceful Music, Meditation, Privacy, Family, Pain Management options. Planning for your physical care will add to your personal comfort and that of your caregivers.

  • Emotional
    Support & Healing for Relational Completion. What Relationships need healing? Through heartfelt listening, forgiveness practices and simple Ritual together we can resolve your past emotional strife freeing oneself to be fully present and whole.

  • Mind
    Remembering Goodness, Life Review for Meaning, Purpose and Legacy. This is a unique process for everyone. We support you in finding meaning to your life and communicating as desired. The approach of death will often trigger a life review. We are here to witness and assist.

  • Spiritual
    Validate beliefs, Connection, Surrender, Facing the Unknown. How can we support you as you face death? We honor all religious & spiritual beliefs and cultural traditions. As advocates, you may rest assured that your spiritual needs are formulated and communicated.

  • Practical
    After Death Care & Planning. How prepared are you? There are many aspects to the practical planning at end of life beyond the legalities that we will guide you through. For example: Wills & Documents, Advanced Medical Directives, Funeral Planning Resources & Ceremony*, Care of Family (Grief Support) and after-death care of Body.

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I am available around the clock and fill in care gaps before, nearing and during death.

The presence of an End of Life Caregiver at the bedside assures families
and loved ones that they can focus on what is most important throughout the dying process.